How to send fax from WiseFax to FaxExtension?

Send fax from WiseFax using the FaxExtension cover page

WiseFax doesn’t support direct faxing to fax extension numbers, but it is a convenient way for sending faxes online as it works on a pay-as-you-go model and does not require subscribing to its services. To send fax from WiseFax to FaxExtension you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Create the cover page using online tool and enter the recipient’s extension number.
  2. Save the created PDF document.
  3. Open the WiseFax app, click the Click here to select the document button, and select the FaxExtension cover page you created in the previous steps.
  4. Click the Add Pages button and choose a document you wish to fax. The page marked as Cover Page must be disabled (not selected for sending).
  5. In Step 3 choose Country (United States) and Enter fax number, that’s FaxExtension main number 808-736-3329 (808-SEND-FAX).
  6. In Step 4 click the Send button. If you are not signed in, you should sign in first. If you don’t have enough fax tokens available for sending, you have to purchase them before faxing.

This method only works for FaxExtension recipients with the main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329). It may not work with other fax providers.