How to send fax from SFax to FaxExtension?

Send fax from SFax to FaxExtension using the FaxExtension cover page

SFax online fax service doesn’t support direct faxing to fax extension numbers, but you can send fax from SFax to FaxExtension by following these steps:

  1. Create the cover page using online tool and enter the recipient’s extension number.
  2. Save the created PDF document.
  3. Log into Sfax at
  4. Click Compose Fax in the left navigation pane.
  5. In the Outgoing Number pane, enter the FaxExtension main number 1 808-736-3329 (i.e., 1 808-SEND-FAX) in the first textbox. (number must start with a 1).
  6. In the Files pane, click the Upload documents button, and in the Upload Documents window, either:
    • Open Windows Explorer, navigate to, highlight, and hold the FaxExtension cover page document you created before, and move it to the Drag and drop files here pane of the Upload documents window, OR
    • Under Select files, click the Choose Files button, and in the Open window: Navigate to and select the previously created FaxExtension cover page document, click Open (the file name now appears next to the Choose Files button in the Upload documents window); then click the Next button to save and exit.
  7. Following the same procedure as in the previous step, select the document you want to fax.
  8. In the Cover page pane: Make sure that the cover page is not selected.
  9. Click Send.

This method only works for FaxExtension recipients with the main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329). It may not work with other fax providers.