How to send fax from FaxZero to FaxExtension?

Send fax from FaxZero using the FaxExtension cover page

FaxZero online fax service doesn’t support direct faxing to fax extension numbers, but you can send fax from FaxZero to FaxExtension by following these simple steps:

  1. Create the cover page using online tool and enter the recipient’s extension number.
  2. Save the created PDF document.
  3. Go to the FaxZero website and insert all required “Sender information” and “Receiver information”. In the “Fax” field, write the FaxExtension main number 1 808-736-3329 (i.e., 1 808-SEND-FAX).
  4. After clicking the first “Choose files” button, choose the previously created FaxExtension cover page PDF document.
  5. Then click the second “Choose files” button and choose your document to be faxed.
  6. As a previously created cover page in this exact format is required to send a fax to the fax extension number, check the “No cover page at all” option, found in the “Almost free fax” section (this disables FaxZero generated cover page).
  7. Insert the “Confirmation code” found just below this field.
  8. Click the “Send Fax Now” button in the “Almost free fax” section.

This method only works for FaxExtension recipients with the main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329). It may not work with other fax providers.