Fax extension

A fax extension is no different than any other phone number extension. With a fax extension, you share a fax number with others, but you have an extension that you can use to send and receive faxes. So, your fax number with the extension looks like +1 808-SEND-FAX #1234 (or +1 808-736-3329 #1234).

Sending faxes

You can send faxes from a fax number extension as from any online fax or fax machine without an extension number. The recipient will see a fax number you share with others when you send a fax. However, FaxExtension will automatically add your fax extension information to the cover page and header. This way, the recipient of your fax will know where to send a reply.

Receiving faxes

You receive faxes and manage them like any other fax number without an extension. When somebody sends a fax to you, they must dial your shared fax number first and then your fax extension. It is as easy as calling someone on their phone number extension. Most modern fax machines have support for fax number extensions.