How to send fax from Epson to FaxExtension?

Send fax from Epson using the FaxExtension cover page

You can send fax from Epson product control panel by entering the fax number or selecting the number from either the contact list or fax history. A reliable and easy way to send a fax to a recipient at FaxExtension is to use a cover page with a QR code (machine-readable recipient information). This can quickly be done by following these steps:

  1. Create the cover page using online tool and enter the recipient’s extension number.
  2. Print the cover page.
  3. Place the previously created cover page and your original fax document on the product (Epson machine). Make sure that the cover page is the first page of your fax.
  4. Press the  (home) button if necessary.
  5. Select Fax.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Enter the FaxExtension main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329) using the buttons on the control panel.
    • Select the Enter a Fax Number area on the LCD screen, and use the numeric keypad on the screen to enter the FaxExtension main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329).
    • Select Contacts, select the FaxExtension recipient from the list, and select Proceed.
    • Select History, select a recipient from the list, press Menu on the Details screen, and select Send to this number.
  7. Press one of the  buttons. Your product scans your original and prompts you to place additional pages if necessary.
  8. After scanning your originals, your product dials the number and sends the fax.

This method only works for FaxExtension recipients with the main fax number +1 808-SEND-FAX (+1 808-736-3329). It may not work with other fax providers.